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I'm The Lead Dog & You're NOT!!

SilverPaw Husky
Hi I'm SilverPaw Husky but you can call me SilverPaw. My fursona is a 22 year old hermaphrodite Siberian Husky that's blue, orange, & white. I'm from Inkster, MI. I'm a hookah lover. I'm a Fursuiter with a new suit in the works. I attend my home con of Furry Connection North (now MotorCity Furry Con) every year and can be found holding my hookah circles every day just look for the huge crowd out front. I hate doing these things but I hoped this thing helped you lean more about me. Feel free to get a hold of me I love talking to anyone & thanks for reading.

Proud to be a Furry
Furry is Life
Furry is Life


Raptr Gamercard